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HUND: The German Shepherd Meme Coin Whitepaper

Executive Summary

HUND is a meme coin project launched on the Solana blockchain, drawing inspiration from the universally admired German Shepherd dog breed, renowned for its loyalty, intelligence, and versatility. The project aims to encapsulate these characteristics into a digital asset that fosters a community of enthusiasts and meme lovers, bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and digital art through a vibrant ecosystem centered around German Shepherd memes.

With a total supply capped at 498 million tokens, HUND is designed to offer both scarcity and accessibility. 50% of the total supply is currently in circulation, with the remainder strategically reserved for marketing initiatives, exchange listings, and future project developments to ensure sustained growth and community engagement.

Project Highlights

  • Platform: Solana, known for its high speed and low transaction costs
  • Founder: MuroCrypto, a reputable and influential figure in the crypto space since 2017, burned 50% supply when it was 999M at 50M market cap
  • Hundswap Dex; cross chain aggregator
  • HundPAD; offers a comprehensive suite of services, including SLP token creation, nft contract generation, ICO and IDO facilitation for tokens, and a staking and liquidity locking platform tailored for users.
  • HundAI; offers a range of cutting-edge tools tailored for the burgeoning AI and blockchain landscape, AI Smart Contract Generator, AI Solidity & Rust, Smart Contract Auditor, AI NFT & Token Generator, AI Trading Helper
  • Exclusive NFT collection in a comic art style launching in Q2
  • HMW (Hund Wallet); provides the safest entry point for delving into the Solana ecosystem. Offering a seamless experience accessible via web or mobile, HMW allows users to purchase, securely store, and swap meme tokens & NFTs. Additionally, HMW grants access to Solana DeFi, empowering users to explore decentralized finance opportunities while prioritizing the security of their assets.
  • Multi dapps platform with practical AI solutions for crypto-assets
  • Priority minting access for HUND token holders
  • An innovative metaverse game concept with AI functionalities centered around the German Shepherd and other meme characters
  • Testnet, second NFT’s, mainnet in Q4
  • Partnership with AI petbot manufacturers to integrate NFTs


The meme coin sector has experienced exponential growth, carving a unique niche within the cryptocurrency market. HUND distinguishes itself by leveraging the cultural and emotional appeal of the German Shepherd breed, combined with the founder MuroCrypto’s credibility and vision, to create a project that resonates with both crypto enthusiasts and dog lovers.

Project Overview

HUND Tokenomics

  • Maximum Supply: 498M HUND tokens.
  • Circulating Supply: 250M HUND tokens.
  • Reserved Supply: 248M HUND tokens (for marketing, listings, and future projects).

Hundswap Dex

HundSwap, our DEX, stands out for its low fees and high liquidity, ensuring a cost-effective and smooth trading experience. We’re committed to ongoing improvements to outperform competitors by enhancing features and functionality.

NFT Collection

In Q2, HUND will launch a distinctive NFT collection characterized by comic art aesthetics, focusing on German Shepherd-themed artwork. This initiative aims to blend the world of memes with digital collectibles, offering a unique value proposition to the community.

Key Features:

  • Art Style: Comic-inspired, featuring German Shepherds.
  • Access: HUND token holders will be whitelisted for priority minting.
  • Integration: Potential for NFTs to play a role in the upcoming metaverse game.

Metaverse Game

The HUND project plans to extend its ecosystem into a metaverse game that incorporates AI functionalities, themed around a German Shepherd meme character. This game aims to provide an immersive experience, allowing users to engage with the HUND universe in an interactive and entertaining manner.


  • Status: Conceptual phase.
  • Launch Date: To be announced, with detailed planning underway.


MuroCrypto, the project’s founder, brings a wealth of experience and credibility to HUND. Known for his insightful contributions and influence in the crypto community since 2017, MuroCrypto’s leadership is a cornerstone of the project’s potential and trustworthiness.


  • Staking and rewards.
  • Q2 Launch: Introduction of the NFT collection.
  • Marketing and Community Building: Ongoing efforts to engage and expand the HUND community.
  • Exchange Listings: More strategic listings to enhance liquidity and accessibility.
  • Q3 Metaverse Game release after initiation of the development phase following the NFT launch.
  • Q4 Testnet, second NFT collection, Mainnet.
  • Partnership with AI petbot manufacturers to integrate NFTs


HUND stands at the confluence of meme culture, digital art, and blockchain technology. With a strategic approach to tokenomics, an exciting NFT collection on the horizon, and an innovative metaverse game concept, HUND is poised to carve a unique niche within the meme coin ecosystem. Under the guidance of MuroCrypto and with a community-centric approach, HUND aims to offer a compelling blend of entertainment, engagement, and investment potential.